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Mogalakwena Safari Tours is an experienced safari tour operator company based in Northern Tuli Game Reserve, Botswana. We work with you to manage all elements of your travel in an efficient, cost-effective and ethical manner.

ur Services include, overlanding safaris, mobile tented camping, photographic, student camping trips, archaeological, research, accommodation reservations, and cultural tourism amongst other services.

Molema is a joint venture between three local villages: Motlhabaneng, Lentswe le Moriti and Mathathane and two tour operators:

Archaeological sites provide an important historical perspective to the region. Iron Age sites demonstrate the formidable skills in pottery, mining, and smelting of the Zhizo, Leopard’s Kopje and Mapungubwe peoples, who practised agriculture and animal husbandry in the area.

Artifacts from the Mapungubwe Kingdom (1220-1290AD), a precursor to the Great Zimbabwe civilisation, reveal the sophistication of the technology and society of its people, and their extensive trade networks.

The NTGR will form the heart of the proposed Shashe/Limpopo Trans- Frontier Conservation Area (TFCA), its signatories – Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa – agreeing to cooperate to conserve and manage shared natural resources. Rich in biodiversity, the proposed TFCA will cover approximately 4,872 square kilometres and will be one of the largest wildlife conservation areas in Southern Africa.
n’s wall.

Mapungubwe was a prosperous Iron Age metropolis situated on the banks of the Limpopo River that thrived nearly a thousand years ago. It was ruled by a king of the Leopard Kopje people, and its extensive trade networks reached as far as Egypt, India and China.

The kingdom’s capital was situated at the 300 metre long Mapungubwe Hill, which today is only accessible through two very steep and narrow paths that twist their way to the top.

The civilisation of Mapungubwe was highly developed; its unique arts were of a superior craftsmanship and quality. One of the most famous pieces unearthed by archaeologists is a superbly crafted golden rhino. Other pieces include beautiful pottery and jewellery.

Mophane woodlands, riverine forests and sandstone formations create a breathtaking backdrop for Mapungubwe Hill. The area is rich in wildlife, including white rhino, elephant, giraffe, gemsbok, eland, lion, leopard and hyenas, as well as over 400 species of birds.

Local village tours often become a highlight of a trip to Tuli. A delightful morning’s outing to the quaint village of Motlhabaneng consists of a visit to the kgotla for a chat with the village chief or headman, a visit to the local primary school where children don traditional clothing and dance, and a visit to a basket-maker’s home where guests interact with villagers, learn something of their traditional way of life and watch hand-woven baskets in the making.

Ancient rock paintings, almost certainly done by Southern Africa’s original inhabitants, the San, can also be seen at the outskirts of Motlhabaneng. The paintings depict people, animals, hunting scenes and mythological creatures, part of the San’s complex cosmology and belief system.


This rather amazing natural phenomenon, situated in the Tuli Block, is a 30 metre high basalt dyke that once formed a steep-sided natural dam wall across the Motloutse River.

A full ten metres wide, this ancient dyke once held back a great lake, with waterfalls spilling over the dyke. Evidence of this great lake are the numerous semi-precious stones (e.g. quartz and agate) found along the Motloutse riverbed.

Tall fever trees line the natural beach, making for a shady picnic site. Solomon’s Wall can only be reached with a four-wheel drive vehicle.

How to get to Tuli Block (Mogalakwena Safari Tours)

  1. Take N1 north to Polokwane
  2. As you arrive in Polokwane turn left (past Builders warehouse) at traffic light onto R521-signposted seshego
  3. Travelling through the industrial, turn right at 6th set of traffic lights –signposted seshego/Loius Trichardt
  4. Turn left at the next set of lights –R521 Mogwadi (Dendron) , Vivo, Alldays
  5. Its Alldays .At T-junction in Alldays, turn right to Pont drift
  6. It’s a 59kms to Pont drift

A car can be left at the border post parking where a game viewer will meet and lead you to your camp on an open game viewing vehicle. There is a third party permit for all foreign registered vehicles. The cost is approximately USD 15 per vehicle, payable at the border at the border (vehicle registration papers required).

Activities Offered by Mogalakwena Safari Tours in Tuli Block

Enjoy Tuli Block wildlife species and terrains, Tuli Block has abundance of wildlife ranging from elephant, wildebeest, antelopes, monkeys, wild dogs and bird species. Occasionally there lions roaming the camp along the Limpopo river and the Talana Farms terrain. Have the opportunity the visit the historical and famous Solomon’s wall, and get to know the history about the being of the Solomon’s wall.

Amongst other things fascinating about the area is that there are Ancient rock paintings believed to have been left by the San people. Have the opportunity to mingle with the local people for cultural exchanges.

We offer accommodation in the form of camping, a guest can either his own tent, or in other instances we do provide at a reasonable rate. There is a kitchen in the camp or our team is always there to assist. There is also the fire place, you can also braai.

One can do day trips to the famous world heritage site Mapungwube National Park, approximately 120 Km from camp, activities range from games and the history of the site.

With plenty of hills around the village, there is also an opportunity to do hiking activity. Enjoy your traditional meals served by the locals along the Motloutse River. Bring your own hiking equipment and our experienced guides will take you through the village terrain.

Additional Services

  • Additional Game drive @ 21.81 Euro per person
  • Cultural Village Tour@ 74.17 Euro per person
  • Safari walks@ 26.17 Euro er person
  • Additional Catering
  • Breakfast spot on riverbed@ 26.17 Euro per person
  • Candlelight bush dinner spot @ 52.35 Euro per person
  • Ice delivery @ 21.81 Euro per bag
  • Ice delivery cost @ 26.17 Euro per trip


Please contact our reservations team should you like any of our additional catering listed above.

We do offer road transfers from both O.R Tambo and Polokwane airports into Tuli Block, across and even beyond Botswana.

Polokwane to Pont Drift

  • 1-3 Guests @ 235.57 Euro per trip
  • 4-6 Guests @ 331.55 Euro per trip
  • 6-10 Guests @ 479.88 Euro per trip
  • 7-13 Guests @ 575.86 Euro per trip

Pretoria/JHB O.R TAMBO to Pont Drift

  • 1-3 Guests @ 410.09 Euro per trip
  • 4-6 Guests @ 479.88 Euro per trip
  • 6-10 Guests@ 715.47 Euro per trip
  • 7-13 Guests@ 741.64 Euro per trip

Recommended Mogalakwena Safari Tours Tipping Structure

  • Housekeepers & kitchen ladies @ 17.45 Euro per day
  • Ground man /Gardener@ 8.72 Euro per day
  • Camp master/Ranger@  30.13 Euro per day